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All about the URBAN TRAVELER- Home/Pet Sitting

We all want to be able to leave our home feeling at ease about our home and our beloved pets. I can offer that to you with my 18 years of house sitting experience and excellent references. I am licensed and bonded. In addition, having spent a month in Costa Rica with ongoing online Spanish classes since then, I will now add to my list of services that I will be trying to teach your pet Spanish as well!

Though I live in Seattle and primarily work around here, I am certainly willing to travel to other areas.  I know the comfort one gets from not boarding their pets in unfamiliar places. While I try as best I can at maintaining your routines for them, I usually include some changes in their traditional scene; since you may be off having a vacation from your regular life, your pet deserves the same, don't you think? I will take them on walks and to parks they don't always get to visit with you, and short of having them sleep under the covers with me, I will share the bed, if that is what they are accustomed to!

I am also very aware of what it takes to allow someone you don't know very well into your home. The other part of my job, aside from your pets, is to respect your home. That goes beyond keeping the doors locked when I leave or watering your plants. It has to do with honoring the spaces you have created in your life and not eating all the ice cream from your freezer! I am a very responsible and considerate person. In addition, I want to be sure you know that my partner of 20 years often comes to visit me on weekends. He is incredible with animals and equally respectful of the space I am in.         

This business has been so successful that I am now booked months in advance. Because of this have a few alternative pet sitters to help you out when I am unavailable. So, if you look at my schedule and see it is booked for the time you need, send me a request anyway and I will try to work it out to be sure you are covered. As my business has become so popular, I am now limiting my house/pet sitting to a four (4) day minimum. It is a lot of schlepping for less than 4 days! Also, as of July 17th 2020, (my 70th birthday) I plan to start working more part time, because of this, I encourage you to book soon!



Karen is an adventurer, artist, world traveler, and - to our everlasting gratitude - a professional pet sitter. For many years Karen has given us the gift of peace of mind while we've been traveling and she's living in our home and caring for our dog. We've laughed while in far away places when a snapshot pops up in our email showing Jade in some exotic spot. We've benefited from Karen's advice about training to deal with behavioral issues and ways to stimulate playful exploration. We suspect we're not the only people who, before planning a trip, first check out Karen's availability. Were this a Yelp review, we'd rate her 10 stars on a 5-star scale.     -- Roger and Cheryl


"We have never had an extended vacation away from our puppies.  We were concerned about leaving them with a stranger who hardly knew them.  House sitting was always done by a family member. One of our pups has extreme allergies. He requires monitoring and medications. Lots of things for us to worry about. 

Karen spent each day caring for and giving our pups new experiences. She took them on new trails and places they had not been. Every photo she sent us showed them both smiling and happy. Our allergic pup never had an episode, the whole month we were gone. She was magic with them. We returned to two happy, healthy dogs.

Our home and garden were well cared for and she even made contact with neighbors. We wouldn't hesitate a second to highly recommend Karen. Her ability to adapt and learn a new environment is remarkable. 

Thank you forever, Karen !!!!"    -Jo Ann, Carol, Lil "D" and Joey                                                                                      


“We asked Karen to care for our house and our two dogs for the month of January, based on the recommendations of friends and neighbors. And this is in turn an enthusiastic letter of recommendation for her!

 First...the house itself is a challenge...Winter storms hit it with full force, making it prone to power outages, and all that this would entail....We gave her a whole notebook to read on how to handle any dire storm related events.. She was up to the task... she was prepared and not overwhelmed!

  Then there were the dogs, two challenging though endearing souls.  The puppy enthusiastic handful, with only basic training. Karen handled Lucy with respect for her youthfulness and eagerness. She also both appreciated and learned from the help she received from our AHIMSA trainer who spent some time with the two of them. The older dog, Tess, a rescue from an 8 year lifetime in a kennel, was another special challenge, as she is still learning about the outside world.  Again Karen took the time to bond, took the care to be reassuring about all the new and strange events that Tess encountered. When Karen visited us again recently the two dogs were so delighted to see her. So her three weeks here set her up for a lifetime bond with Tess and Lucy!

  While we were on our trip, Karen sent us regular updates and photos which we loved. And when we returned, we found a perfectly cared-for house.  But best of all, we returned home to two happy and enthusiastic dogs.

  We couldn't recommend Karen more highly!"            -Inger



"Karen has stayed with our two dogs whenever we have been away for the last two years or so. She’s dependable, honest,very kind, and best of all, the dogs adore her. I never worry about them when she’s here and if I could arrange it she would be here whenever we’re away."                   -Dalia

I met Karen several years ago while walking my dogs at Magnuson dog park... We shared a lovely conversation and she gave me her
business card. (I Kept it) I planned a trip, and after meeting we were able to book some time.. I am sure my corgi’s love her,
because when I returned it was like I was never gone! 
Years before I have boarded them and it was OK, but my biggest beef was communication.  Karen is so great about texting reports
and some neat photos as well.  Nothing makes me feel better when I am gone than to get those little messages! 
I highly recommend Karen and find the only problem is that she is “Quite Discovered!" - Jane (Sonny enjoying Piper)


"Karen is marvelous! Your pets and house are in her capable, responsible hands, and you can rely on her to return them all to you in top shape. She is kind and gentle and makes the pets feel comfortable (or that’s what they tell me). When my dog was injured and needed to go to the vet for multiple bandage changes
, Karen took her, and the vet staff were impressed. It’s no wonder she’s so booked up in advance. The peace of mind I have when Karen is caring for our home and creatures can’t be beat. And sometimes she leaves us a little piece of her artwork to treasure!   -Christine R

Our dog had seizures and we had never left him before so it says a lot not only about my trust of Karen but my assurance that she would know what to do and how to handle everything, including communicating with me on my vacation. As it turned out there were no seizures but he had a sore paw and she let me know in a great way, with calm humor. In addition the house was cozy and sweet when we returned--she had planted some flowers and left nice notes for us. I would hire her in a heartbeat next time I need a house/pet sitter.

"Karen of Urban Traveler has been professional and responsible in the care of our home and pets. It makes a vacation a real vacation when I know they are well taken care of." - Peggy  


I love Karen to house sit for me.  I know she will come when she says she will come and do more than I ask of her.  Often I have arrived back home to a place that is cleaner and better organized than when I left. Sometimes I find a beautiful watercolor that Karen has painted and flowers on the table.  It is so very civilized. Most importantly, my dog Bella, who has a fear of being left, absolutely adores her.  When I walk in the door and Bella barely glances up to say hello to me because she has been so well loved - all is right with the world!"    - Betsy    


"Zinger highly endorses Karen and Creative Wanderings! did they ever wander!" - Adair

    My rates as of January 2020 are:

$50/day for one pet.
$70/ for two pets.
        $60/day for a puppy.
$80/day for 3 pets.
$60/day if your pet needs medical attention that requires my schedule to be around the dog's particular need. (To be negotiated based on particulars)
        $25 for a 45 minute dog walk.

Of course I am willing to negotiate any of this, especially for longer stays.

I consider any day that I am at your house a day of pay.
 (i.e: if I come there on Friday and leave there on Sunday, that is 3 days)

Once we make an arrangement, I will send you a contract for you to sign and to have a deposit made. IF it is within 6 months, I request a 25%  non-refundable deposit. IF it is more than 6 months or it is for a holiday time, I request a 50% non refundable deposit.
If you cancel and I can cover the time, then you will get your deposit back, if I can not, then I will keep the deposit.

It is my expectation to be paid upon starting the job.
If for whatever reason you did not leave a check you can either mail it to me at:
2340 21st Ave South
        Seattle, WA 98144

Or you can use my PayPal account: Karen Kaushansky, (you can also use Zelle or Venmo with this address)

To check on my availability please go to: or call me.

Contact me:  Karen at 206-329-9454 or

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