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About the Artist

    Karen Kaushansky 206-329-9454

I have been creating art since I was quite a young child. Picking up various 'treasures' and putting them together as remarkable sculptures. Twenty plus years ago I started making baskets. Originally from reeds and other purchased items until one fabulous teacher translated those purchased materials into the marvelous things one can find in nature. It transformed my world. I began to look at EVERYTHING in terms of "Can I weave with it?". Weeds, branches, kelp, grasses, the possibilities were endless.

I began to branch out, or perhaps back to the treasures one can find and began weaving with telephone wire and telephone cords and computer power cables and once again the basket world expanded.

A number of years ago, I began drawing and painting and exploring the world of flat art. Still using the natural world as my subject as much as possible, but now exploring how to take something from a three dimensional world, and translate it onto a two dimensional page yet still look three dimensional!! I love the challenge.

I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to contact me for prices and commissioned work at 206-329-9454 or 

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