Creative Wanderings
          Urban Traveler - House/Pet Sitting
           Art Explorations by Karen Kaushansky
Welcome to my Creative Wanderings
            a site for the Urban Traveler - House/Pet Sitting Business 
                              &  Artistic Explorations - An online gallery of my artwork
I hope you will take some time to peruse some of my two dimensional and three dimensional art work.


If you are thinking of hiring me as a house/pet sitter, Please take a moment to first glance at my Availability to know if I can help you out.
I have been lucky enough to share the company of many wonderful dogs, cats and chickens. I look forward to many more!!

My suggestions for your dog

  • Your dog is very smart.
  • Your dog gets bored. It is your job to keep them active, in mind and/or body.
  • Your dog likes routine and your dog likes new and different.

1- Every day, take your dog on the same route…they can check their pee-mail, make sure the route is safe for you and feel secure. This walk can mostly be at your pace, and they have to listen.

2- Everyday, take your dog someplace new…………they can have new smells, they are trying to learn a new route, they are working at figuring out where you are, is there something familiar? This walk allows you to stay interested in walking as well. This walk is at their pace and you have to listen.

  • Feed your dog half of what you normally give them for breakfast and dinner and then use that addition half of their daily food could be put in toys or contraptions that they have to figure out how to get at, to use for clicker training. This way your dog won’t end up overweight.
  • You can use a strong scented treat and hide it (strong scented so that if they don’t find it, you can before it gets foul!) Or hide a few of them. Make the dog find it!!! They get big praise when they do.

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