Creative Wanderings
          Urban Traveler - House/Pet Sitting
           Art Explorations by Karen Kaushansky
Welcome to my Creative Wanderings
            a site for the Urban Traveler - House/Pet Sitting Business 
                              &  Artistic Explorations - An online gallery of my artwork
I hope you will take some time to peruse some of my two dimensional and three dimensional art work 
I have been lucky enough to share the company of many wonderful dogs, cats and chickens. I look forward to many more!!
As it turns out, the website platform I am using no longer supports a blog so I am trying to find some easy way for you to continue to read about this fascinating Professional Vagabond life I am living...So for now, this is what I will be working with, instead of the BLOG page.  Here is the link:

If you are thinking of hiring me as a house/pet sitter, Please take a moment to first glance at my Availability to know if I can help you out.
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