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Welcome to my Creative Wanderings
            a site for the Urban Traveler - House/Pet Sitting Business 
                              &  Artistic Explorations - An online gallery of my artwork
Please take a moment to go to Artistic Explorations to see samples of my paintings, drawings and baskets.
A bit about me....

Having just spent a month in Costa Rica, primarily for dental work, but taking advantage of the time to learn more Spanish, I will now add to my list of services that I will try to teach your dog or cat Spanish, as well as lovingly caring for them!!!

I have wandered through this world with my eyes wide open for 67 years; travelling a great deal around the United States, as well as some Internationally. I love exploring other cultures. Stopping to appreciate how different people approach the world in different ways. I see myself as "an ambassador of humanity".  I attempt to express that in my interactions, my work, and my art.

More than four years ago, I gave up living in one home, and now I live everywhere!  It has been a fabulous adventure with much learning and a growing perspective on life and how we move through it. I love my vagabond existence!  I hope you will join me on this journey through my blog. This work has been so successful that I am now considering expanding with a few other house/pet sitters to cover the times I am unavailable.

I would like to invite you to find out more about my business of house/pet sitting as an URBAN TRAVELER as well as using this site to view my ARTISTIC EXPLORATIONS.

Thank you in advance for your visit......
                               Karen Kaushansky

I have been lucky enough to share the company of many wonderful dogs, cats and chickens. I look forward to many more!!
I hope you will also take a moment to look at my blog, where I have been writing about my vagabond adventures for almost 4 years now. And if you are thinking of hiring me as a house/pet sitter, I do hope you will first glance at my Availability to know if I can help you out.
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